ललितपुर जिल्ला दुग्ध उत्पादक सहकारी संघ


One District One Product

In 2006, the Government of Nepal began the “One Village One Product” (OVOP) initiative, and in 2012 expanded the project to “One District One Product” (ODOP), which is now an ongoing project. The main goal of ODOP is to promote a specific resource or product in each district in Nepal to create more jobs for citizens in their respective districts, as well as promote local products for commercialization. In the past two years LDMPCU in cooperation with the National Cooperative Federation (NCF) has approved milk as the product for the district of Lalitpur, and milk production has been an ongoing product in Lalitpur for the ODOP program. As a result, in the milk sector, LDMPCU will be the first in Nepal to create a cooperative brand of milk products. The primary beneficiaries of this project will be the milk farmers because they will be involved in the process of marketing the cooperative brand of milk products, and will benefit financially from localizing milk products in the Lalitpur district.

Chilling Centres

LDMPCU runs and monitors 5 chilling centres located in: Bukhel, Sankhu, Gotikhel, Gimdi, and Chandanpur. These chilling centres serve as automatic cooling systems for raw milk that is produced in farms. With the collaboration of Lalitpur District Development Committee, the Cooperative Department of Nepal, and the Livestock Department, LDMPCU was able to create these 5 chilling centres. South Lalitpur is a remote area where many milk cooperatives reside, that also serves as pocket for buffalo milk production. In 2005, there was a lack of properly paved roads along with no electricity. One of the main issues that these cooperatives in South Lalitpur face is that they must send their raw milk for processing, but the processing centres are located in the Kathmandu Valley. Once roads were properly developed and electricity installed, LDMPCU was able to create these 5 chilling centres so that the milk could be kept cold during its transportation to the processing centres in the Kathmandu valley. Because of these chilling centres, cooperatives under LDMPCU are able to increase milk production, the quality of their milk, as well as the price of the milk they provide. The main success is of these chilling centres comes South Lalitpur where milk production is their main function. Using these 5 chilling centres, more revenue is brought directly to the villages from the cities.

Agriterra Skill Development

As one of LDMPCU’s partners, Agriterra facilitated a complete structural analysis of the organization and targeted key aspects of the organization that required attention. Through this analysis, Agriterra implemented programs and trainings for the members of LDMPCU in: financial management, hygienic milk production, cooperative management and organization strengthening. With a focus on professionalizing member cooperatives, Agriterra plans to increase the number of buffalo in farms, as well as expand them.

Plastic Removal

In 2015, LDMPCU in cooperation with District Livestock Office, Lalitpur District Development Committee, and National Development Board started the plastic removal initiative for the milk collection and transportation sector. This three-year initiative intends to remove all plastics such as plastic jars, buckets, and plastic drums in the milk production and transportation process. Instead of these plastics, steel and aluminum will be used to ensure hygienic milk production. In Nepal’s milk production sector, Lalitpur is the first to create a plastic removal program through a milk cooperative, and has been used as a model program across Nepal. After the conclusion of this project, plastic will be completely removed from the processes of milk production, collection and transportation. Quality monitoring will be done regularly in order to ensure that LDMPCU can provide quality hygienic milk starting from production and ending with the consumer.


LDMPCU is proud to be affiliated with:

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