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Pipeline Impact Report

Pipeline Impact Report:

With the cooperation of the GCIUS team, CECI, and LDMPCU, the Sankhu Milk Pipeline project came to fruition. Since the creation of the pipeline in December, there has been some time for the Sankhu women’s cooperative to determine whether the impact of the pipeline was beneficial or not. Interviews were conducted with Ambika Ghimire (LDMPCU Board Member & Cooperative Farmer), Tekumari Bajgain (Chairperson of Women’s Cooperative), and Amrit Sanjel (Cooperative Farmer & Milk Analysis Manager) to determine whether the pipeline had an impact on the cooperative. According to all three individuals, the pipeline has made work easier for the cooperatives and saved time that has allowed the cooperative members to take on other tasks. These individuals also stated that the time saved from this pipeline ranged from 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

With this time saved, Ambika stated that cooperative members were able to manage their lunchtimes for children and preparing them for school in the morning. She also explained that during this saved time, they were also able to take care of the buffalo. According to Tekumari and Amrit, with the time saved, she was also able to take care of sending her children to school, buffalo, and vegetable farming. The saved time that was used for other tasks allowed for these individuals to gain income from other sources.

According to all three individuals, the pipeline has posed any issues to the cooperative members. All individuals recommend that other cooperatives to replicate this pipeline because it saves them time, as well as money because of reduced efforts on transporting milk from the collection center to the chilling center. All three individuals recommend the replication of this pipeline because of the efficiency and hygiene of the process. Before, milk would get lost in transportation or easily be spoiled in individual cans. Now, the milk can get transported quickly, safely, and hygienically to the chilling center without getting spoiled or lost.

Finally, these individuals also recommended that if other cooperatives are interested in replicating this pipeline, that there should be proper proximity between the collection center, the chilling center and the incline of the hills. These individuals also state that more income can also be made because of the efficiency that the pipeline provides.


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