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Trip to Amul Dairy

Trip to Amul Dairy and the Dairy Development Board Gujrat, India

From February 20th, 2017 to February 24, 2017, the board members of LDMPCU had the opportunity to attend a tour in Gujarat, India to study different technologies for dairy product development. The LDMPCU members visited Amul’s production facility as well as the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).

The LDMPCU team visited the NDDB Library to understand various aspects of the production chain for farmers. This library holds information on farmers’ record keeping, the role of NDDB, as well as information on feeding management, breeding training, and hygienic milk production. This library also held the information on the first milk cooperative that was established in 1946, this cooperative collected 250L per day. Now, this cooperative is the Anand Milk Union Limited (AMUL) that collects and handles 250,000L per day! The LDMPCU team was also able to visit the AMUL cooperative as well as its production chain from farmers to cooperatives as well as the district union.

            Amul produces over 200 dairy products such as: butter, ice cream, chocolate, and milk powders and also uses many automated German and Australian machines. Though there are few employees, the machinery and technology is state of the art! Amul is also extremely careful with their quality control from collection to production of their products. Amul is an international brand that is recognized everywhere! The Amul manager left a mark on the LDMPCU team by stating that “Amul is not only a brand, it is a moment!” because of their dairy sector history and the challenges Amul had to face over 70 years. LDMPCU learned many things from visiting the facilities and in the future, hopes to reach the potential of Amul’s facility!


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